Continuum of Care

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Continuum of Care: Home Health Care
This paper will explain the components of the Home Health Care delivery system of continuum. The reader will be able to understand some of the services provided by the home health care system and how they fit into the continuum of care. It will give details on how the entity does or does not contribute to the overall management of healthcare resources. In conclusion, it will examine the future trends of health care and discuss how the home health services will be impacted or have a need to change to meet future trends. The continuum of home health care pertains to the diversity of health care services rendered for the existence of a person’s life. Home health care organizations offer nursing services or therapy to persons in their homes that do not require hospital confinement but are in need of specialized care. There will be services provided by experienced and qualified nurses, knowledgeable pharmacists, encouraging therapist, concerned social workers, competent nutritionist and compassionate aides to assist wherever needed. Some home health agencies are eligible to offer on-site home infusion pharmacy; an intravenous administration of medication to patients in their own homes (UVA, 2008). Continuum of care also offers nutritional products, prescribed medication and any type of infusion equipment needed at home by the patient. The Federal Law states, home health patients has the freedom to choose the agency that will provide the best home care service that fits their needs. Section 1802 of The Social Security Act “seeks to ensure that free choice is guaranteed to all Medicare patients”. The law states: ‘Any individual entitled to insurance benefits under this title [i.e., Medicare] may obtain health services from any institution, agency or any person qualified to participate under this title if such person, agency or institutional undertakes to provide him/her such services(UVA,2008). This statement grants patients the...
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