Contemporary Issues in Management Essay

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The considerations of going global and operating in countries that sanction the use of child labour. Introduction As a rule child labour is typically defined as the abuse of children within a work environment (Payne, 2006). According to Payne (2006) child labour can be recognised in numerous countries around the world. In 2006 a report produced by the International Labor Organisation (ILO) proclaimed that there were an estimated 166 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 years who were categorised as child workers (Dinopoulos & Zhao, 2007). Payne (2006) asserts that there are several motives surrounding the reason why children work, with one of the main reasons being poverty. However it is assumed that parents would only expect their children to work in order to support the family financially (Luetge, 2005). Subsequently, Dinopoulos and Zhao (2007) state that child labour is mainly deemed to be unacceptable. In many incidences this is due to the unhealthy and hazardous conditions that the children are forced to work in (Dinopoulos & Zhao, 2007). Additionally and just as importantly the obvious obstruction of a child‟s path to an education could be viewed as an unacceptable factor of child labour (Dinopoulos & Zhao, 2007). Luetge (2005) views child labour from an economic standpoint, stating that as organisations can afford to exchange child workers with adult workers, most well developed countries now regard child labour as unnecessary. Through the use of customer boycotts and the introduction of international labour standards to decrease employment opportunities, it can be viewed that attempts have been made to cease the use of child workers (Edmonds & Pavcnik, 2005). However there is principally nothing to position the eradication of the use of child workers in and around the world (Edmonds & Pavcnik, 2005). With this subject in mind, this essay will seek to look at the concerns that managers need to consider when going global and manufacturing in countries that sanction the use of child labour. This essay will firstly evaluate what impact globalisation has on poorer societies and whether this strategy has a negative or positive influence on the occurrence of child labour. Following on from this, the essay will assess if the use of child labour is in fact ethical and moral by using the utilitarist, relativist and imperialist perspectives. After examining if child labour can be viewed as ethical, this essay will look towards evaluating to what level a corporation should be held socially responsible. Finally, this essay will consider the cultural differences that need to be taken into account when operating multi nationally. Globalisation If an organisation elects to take the business global, there are several issues that need to be considered. For example, when operating in a country that sanctions the use of child labour, will the company have an impact on increasing or decreasing the incidence of child labour (Sethi, 2006)? According to Page 2 Date 15.04.11 Submitted with Extenuating Circumstances

Dinopoulos and Zhao (2007) there is a substantial amount of literature surrounding the topics of economics and child labour. However there is only a limited amount of literature that links...
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