Contemporary Issues in Management

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Contemporary Issues in Management ASB – 4426

Abhishek Roy Gollamudi abpc90

Contemporary Issues in Management: Business Ethics and Values Introduction Business Ethics and Values has this become a very high regarded issue in management. Changing demands, advancing technology and worldwide recession have added to the suppression of this issue and has forced management to maintain numbness towards business ethics and to exploit very possible opportunity disregarding the interests of employees and the markets. Increased expectations of the clients, social and economic environment and corporate governance are all driving forces that have rendered project leads and managers having no choice but to compromise on this concern. Some big organisations have faced major scandals and have been involved in unethical acts and thus incurred public distrust. It is very important to understand the meaning of the ethics at this juncture in the organisation context and the managerial implications. Having worked in Accenture Services India, during the recession, in this report I‟ve tried to narrate my personal experiences and the managerial decisions that were taken during this phase. Experiences, expectations and workplace ethics Businesses constantly face professional decision-making scenarios which involve ethical considerations and implications related to employees, stake-holders, clients, customers etc. Managers and decision-makers have to make decisions so as to uphold the business standards. How would managers know what is right for its employees and the enterprise? On what basis should managers make such decisions? Can individual managers‟ experience and their perspectives be regarded as cause for any decision making? (Williams, S.L., 2011) The process of determining, adopting, reinforcing workplace values for managers in very importance in given diverse business environment and employees is very important and differentiating between the various behaviors constituting the moral purview (ethical failure, intentional anti-organisational code of conduct etc.) has to be given high importance, enabling leaders and senior managers to outline formalized mechanisms for promoting ethical organizational behavior. The morale of top hierarchy is critical in creating salient business culture and ethical behavior. Relativism and Idealism must be the priority in decision-making. (Forsyth & O'Boyle Jr., 2010).


Contemporary Issues in Management ASB – 4426

Abhishek Roy Gollamudi abpc90

Ethics in the world of work Systematic considerations of human actions which suggests‟ specific behavior must address relevant criteria such as descriptive and normative, that describes the effective performance of a specific role, behavior, creativity etc. Lefkowitz, J. (2006) describes the two domains, one as mundane and the other as abstract. The mundane refers to the blatant domain of activity and is less controversial. This may include the normal practice of law for corporate management to the principles of business ethics, legal ethics are applied. During my tenure at Accenture, to obtain competitive advantage amongst peers, the project that I was assigned to went in to work extra-hours in recession. In a battle not to fall prey to retrenchment, employees had to work extra-hours (extra hours included one hour fixed plus one hour stretching each business day). This only meant exploitation of human resource. Closing towards the mid of 2009, when the second extra-hour of work was called off by the head office, the management for this process still continued to deliver two-extra hours of work for the U.S. client AT&T for every roastered employee on a business day. The other challenge is the „teachability’ of business ethics and the „learnability’ of the employees with respect to their individual perception of business values and business ethics. It is assumed that moral principles and ethical values cannot be taught to employees as professional...
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