Contactless Energy Transfer

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  • Published: January 10, 2013
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Most high-precision machines are positioning stages with Multiple degrees of freedom(DOF), which often consist of cascaded long-and short-stroke linear actuators that are supported by mechanical or air bearings. Usually, the long stroke actuator has micrometer accuracy, while the Submicron accuracy is achieved by the short-stroke actuator. To build a high-precision machine, as much disturbances as possible should be eliminated. Common sources of disturbances are vibrations, Coulomb and viscous friction in bearings, crosstalk of multiple cascaded actuators and cable slabs. A possibility to increase throughput, while maintaining accuracy is to use parallel processing, i.e. movement and positioning in parallel within section, calibration, assembling, scanning, etc. To meet the design requirements of high accuracy while improving performance, a new design approach is necessary, especially if vacuum operation is considered, which will be required for

the next generation no lithography machines. A lot of disturbance sources can be eliminated by integrating the cascaded long-and short-stroke actuator into one actuator system. Since most long-stroke movements are in a plane, this can be done by a contactless planar actuator.

The topology proposed and tested in this paper provides long-stroke contact less energy transfer (CET) in a plane with only small changes in power transfer capability.


Actuator is a mechanical device used for moving or controlling a mechanism or system. It converts electrical signals into motion.
Here we are using a linear actuator; it converts electrical signals into linear motion i.e. the movement is linear in manner along a plane.


The design of the primary and secondary coil is optimized to get a coupling that is as constant as possible for a sufficiently large area. This area should be large enough to allow the secondary coil to move from one...
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