Consumerism: the Clique Series and Branded Products

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  • Published : May 8, 2011
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Each individual has his or her own ideas about many things, and there is no exception on the perception of a better life. Perception of a better life is not just about having a luxurious house or expensive car. Someone can be categorized as a successful person if he or she does not just have many expensive things, but also has good social status in society. To stand out and become well known in the public is certainly not an easy thing to achieve. Someone must have the courage to sacrifice what he or she has in order to get ‘recognition’ in the society. The desire to stand out and become well known can be found in many countries, including an advanced country like America. Americans realize that they live in super power country. Therefore, they begin to raise their prestige in their daily lives. Maintaining the image as a country that has a high prestige is more difficult than to get the image. One way for people who live in America to maintain that image is to look ‘different’ and attractive. Keeping fit-looking appearance that reflects someone’s personality is essential to maintain the prestige. An expensive and attractive appearance is very important because it is an outside representation for someone, to show to other people that he or she is a person who has a good wealth, even though perhaps, it is not. When appearance becomes a main thing for someone to declare their existence, many people are competing to look attractive and different from others. Expensive looking is one of many features to get an attractive appearance. Many people consider an expensive appearance by wearing expensive branded products. The epidemic of using branded products in order to get good representation does not only happen to the adults in America, but also the teenagers in America. Because teenagers tend to imitate what they see and still do not have stable thought about what it means to look attractive. Teenagers have unstable emotions and take for granted the things that their...
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