Consumer Rights in Bangladesh

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  • Published : February 21, 2011
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Consumer rights in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country with a huge population. Perhaps it is the country with largest consumer comparing its small area. Though in many sectors Bangladesh improves but it is matter of sorrow that after 40 year of independence consumer rights are yet been introduced in a significant manner in Bangladesh. Though there is lot of organization working for human rights in Bangladesh but no organization except Consumer Association of Bangladesh (CAB) working for consumer rights. But consumer rights are integral parts of human rights. As a student of business we know that consumer is treated as king to marketer. In developed country we see that consumer is very much honored. But in Bangladesh we see that consumer is treated negligently. Consumer rights are abused almost every sector in Bangladesh. I am writing some common scenario about how the consumer rights are violated in our country. Now it is a common thing is that food like fruits, vegetable, fish, meat, snacks all are adulterated. Formalin and such type of chemical are used in fish. Carbide is used to ripe fruits. Vegetable are mixed with insects and pesticide and so on. Furthermore the greedy businessmen abuse the consumers by cheating in weighing & measures, hoarding and artificial price-hike. Though there is a government organization to test the standard of food and other products named Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institute (BSTI) but it is beset with numerous problems. It is not well equipped with modern facilities for testing products and commodities. For example, when it were needed to examine the imported powder milk for testing melamine in some years back, govt. has to send the sample to foreign country for testing. The efficiency and integrity of the officials of BSTI are often questioned by the general consumers.

In case of different service sector the situation of consumer rights is worse. In education sector especially in higher education both in public...
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