Colonization of Bangladesh

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  • Published : March 4, 2012
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Colonization of Bangladesh

Bangladesh, a developing country, is relatively unknown in the globalized world and is often confused with its dominant neighbor, India. The country as we see it now did not exist even 50 years ago. The purpose of this paper is to detail how the region was colonized, how Bangladesh came to be and a brief overview of how it is doing now. As most geographers know that there is an intense relationship between Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, for good reason too. They were all part of the same colony once and hence when we talk about the colonization of Bangladesh, we must mention details from those of India and Pakistan. Colonization of India

Imperial colonization has had long lasting effects throughout history, and even till this date somewhat dictates the economics and policies of nations. During 1757-2857 the Indian subcontinent had indirect trade relationships with the Europeans. The spices from India were distributed by the Arabs but in the 15th century, the Europeans believed that the commissions they had to pay the Arabs were abnormally high, thus launching the search for more efficient and cost effective trade routes to India.

The exert from best summarizes the next following years: “The British East India Company, a private company formed in 1600 during the reign of Akbar and operating under a charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I, established a factory on the Hooghly River in Bengal in 1650 and founded the city of Calcutta in 1690. Although the initial aim of the British East India Company was to seek trade under concessions obtained from local Mughal governors, the steady collapse of the Mughal Empire (1526-1858) enticed the company to take a more direct involvement in the politics and military activities of the subcontinent. Capitalizing on the political fragmentation of South Asia, the British ultimately rose to supremacy through military expeditions, annexation, bribery, and playing one party off...
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