Consumer Behaviour Case Study

Topics: Generation Y, Marketing, Demographics Pages: 5 (1676 words) Published: March 17, 2012
Consumer Behaviour Case Study
Case Study 11.2 ‘’Generation Y Grows Up?”
1. Generation Y is the subculture that watches the least amount of television and therefore are not expose to as many commercials as other groups. What can marketers do to effectively communicate with this group?

To effectively communicate with a subculture as adaptive and flexible as Generation Y a marketer must firstly research what type of media the group commonly use to both gain information and relax to. Once this is found then marketers should look into penetrating this communication media in order to reach Generation Y and be able to expose them to advertising materials. For example YouTube is a popular alternative to television for the Generation Y population. This form of media has already been targeted by advertising groups with a 10 second commercial having to be played every time you watch a certain length clip on the website.

2. It is commonly known that generation Y is living with their parents much longer than either the baby boomers or generation X. As a result there are many more households where there are adults living in a parental environment. What are the longer term implications of this in terms of decision making?

Due to Generation Y living at home with their parents for longer periods before moving out this will give them a disadvantage compared to other generations before them who moved at out a young age and took control of their lives. Implications on decision making include the inability to be self-sustainable such as being able to cook and care for one’s self. As well as the trend to always turn to gen X or the Baby Boomers whenever something happens that Gen Y cannot understand. This leads to adult immaturity as gen Y moves out into the workforce.

Although living with your parents for an extended period of time wouldn’t be overly detrimental to decision making as the advice gen Y receives from older generations can sometimes assist with decision making as knowledge passed down from wise sources can be very helpful.

3. If Generation Y continues to frequently change jobs, what can employers do to encourage them to remain with the company as long as possible?

In order to encourage an employee to remain with his job, the employer must ensure that the employee has a high job satisfaction rate. Make sure the employee always feels a part of the workplace, give him/her some responsibility and empower them to make decisions that makes them feel as if he is worth something to the organisation rather than just being another useless cog in the larger scheme of things. One of the most effective ways to keep employees satisfied is to reward them when they do well and always be open to offering career advancement to those that work for it. As quoted in the text ‘’Generation Y is more interested in career advancement … in the fastest possible time’’. If a worker is given credit where they deserve it then they will be more inclined to work harder knowing that recognition will come their way. 4. Do you agree that Generation Y is the least brand loyal generation? Explain your reason for this answer.

It has been stated that generation Y is flexible and adapts easily to new ideas and trends. Generation Y consumers generally go for the brands that they know to be of high quality, be it through their own social groups experience or through what they read on the internet etc. To describe Generation Y as not being brand loyal would be incorrect as their recent brand loyalty to Apple proves this wrong, but describing them as the ‘least’ brand loyal may be a decent description. E.g. On the topic of Apple and iPhones, before iPhones became popular the mobile phone industry was dominated by Finnish producer Nokia. Many Generation Y consumers showed strong loyalty to Nokia including myself, but I was quick to jump on the bandwagon when Apple products gained their notoriety as being the gadget of the...
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