Consumer Behaviour

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Unlike these other trends, however, it appears that skateboarding is here to stay.

Q 1. What were some of the key characteristics of Vans’ earliest customers in the 1960’s and 1970’s? What was the public perception of skateboarding at this time? What was Vans’ competitive advantage at this time? What was its value proposition to customers?

Answer:A skateboard is typically a specially designed plywood board combined with a polyurethane coating used for makes smoother slides and stronger durability, used primarily for the activity of skateboarding. The first skateboards to reach public notice came out of the surfing craze of the early 60s, developed to help surfers practice when waves were unfavorable. The first prototypes were simple wooden boards with roller-skate wheels attached and the practice was sometimes referred to sidewalk surfing. It seems as though every generation of teenagers ties itself to a particular cause or trend. In the 60’s, surfing and beach movies were popular. In the 70’s, bell-bottoms and disco music were all the rage. Teenagers are quick to take to new trends and it appears that another one has established itself at the end of die millennium: skateboarding. By the mid of 80s, skateboards were mass produced and sold throughout in US. The network structure provides Vans two important advantages for quick responding to changes in sports shoe fashion and low cost. Vans makes use of a global system that can literally change the instruction it gives each of vendor in real time. It within a matter of short period its foreign manufacturers are producing new kinds of shoes. The cost is also low because East Asia’s labor cost is fraction in US. The ability to outsource and use foreign manufacturers keeps headquarters’ structure flat and flexible. This relatively inexpensive functional structure to organize its activities enabled Vans to obtain talent and resource worldwide.

Q2.How has the company’s competitive position changed over...
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