Consumer Behaviour

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Introduction : Samsung

Samsung has been dominating the Asian mobile industry ever since their top-of-the-line electronic products and services which was founded and formed at the year 1938. Ask anyone around you at anytime, anywhere in the world what is Samsung. 99% of the people that you asked will definitely tell you that it’s a mobile phone. However, Samsung does not only produce mobile phones as they are involved with high tech gadgets that involves electronics such as the television, kitchen tools, sound system, basically everything that has to do with electronics and more like apparels, chemicals, medical equipment, ships, and basically everything that has to do with consumer electronics.

Not only that, Samsung also offers advertising, construction, entertainment, financial services, hospitality information, and communications technology services, medical services and retail services as well in the course of the history of the company. This apparently gave Samsung the advantage to be number one in terms of brands across the world as it covers and assist almost everything needed in the business world as well as our daily life routines. Without the assistant from the gadgets, our lives would be harder to go through but still not impossible at the same time. The point is, the gadgets and electronics make our lives a whole lot simpler and less stress in at hand.

Thus, it is safe to say that Samsung’s main industry is the electronics’ market. Samsung is one of the most used brands in the world and Asia’s favourite brand in electronics too as it is created at South Korea, which is in Asia itself. The market segment of Samsung varies to a very large segment as it aims from low income to high income individuals. It has already a fact that everyone uses Samsung nowadays and it is obvious to see the facts when as you get out of the house, everyone is either using Samsung’s mobile phone or any types of gadgets that has Samsung written all over it. That is why I will be focusing on the mobile phone product from Samsung for this assignment.

Consumer Perception

Consumer perception is like the saying ‘different people, different mindsets’. In another word, each individual has their own way of viewing a situation or any physical matter. The perception is where the cognitive process where an individual will select, organise and respond to any question or action received. Like Newton’s third law of physic, “in every action, will have a reaction” and that every single actions done will have different outcomes.

In the perception concept, the actions are the sensory receptor function that involves vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste. All these functions have their own way on telling what the individual might feel or react to. Each one of the individuals will have different ways on reacting. Therefore, even if a similar situation where using the five senses is unavoidable, a group of individuals will have different outcomes and response where there will not be a single answer to the situation given.

For example, in vision, some people may view a stray dog as disgusting and dirty, but on another individual, the stray dog would be something that has a value and pretty. Samsung creates their mobile phone while thinking of what the market or consumers would like. People like something that is pretty to look at and sophisticated at the same time. Thus, the Samsung mobile phones are all attractive and that the eyes can’t avoid seeing everyone else are using the same phone. Plus, the camera of the mobile phone is updated and the technology makes the camera even better than human’s eyesight. Samsung’s mobile...
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