The Invention of Surf Boards Speech

Topics: Surfboard, Surfing, Surf culture Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Topic: Surfboards
Purpose: To inform the class about the invention of surfboards and how they have progressed.

Central idea: To give the audience information on how the surfboard was invented, history, how its improved, and a little information about the sport of surfing.

Introduction: Surfing is something I’ve always been interested in. My dad surfs, my uncle surfs, I just grew up around surfing and the ocean. I’ve been surfing for three years. I wanted to tell you guys how the surfboard was invented, how it’s used and improvements, and the sport of surfing.

II. How the style and material of the board have progressed in time.

III. The surfboard has created the sport of surfing. A now world recognized sport.

Body : I.

A. The invention of the surfboard.

1. In Hawaii, depending on your location what kind of wood you used.Royalty would use the best wood and have the longest boards. 2. Imagine a surfboard that was made of solid wood that was 10-16 feet long. 3. Use of solid wooden surfboards was recorded by ancient explorers and travelers including the Englishman Captain Cook when he visited Hawaii in 1777 B. Surf style with the old boards

1. With the solid surfboards you could only surf in a straight line. 2. The boards would weigh from 77 lbs to 150lbs depending on the length and amount of wood.

II. The materials and add-ons to the board have created a whole new way to surf.
A. Material of board
1. In the 1920’s Tom Blake created a wooden framework which was covered with plywood and they were then varnished to make a hollow surfboard. 2. The introduction of fiberglass in the 1940′s meant that strong, light, waterproof board would now go a long way. Short boards are usually made of fiberglass.

3. A good beginner board would be boards made of foam. They are light weight to bring in the water and in the water.

B. Surf board Leash

1. The surfboard leash was...
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