Consumer Behaviour

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As management team members of a marketing company, we are asked to introduce and market a product in Pakistan and use different persuasion and marketing techniques to convince the people about the effectiveness and usability of that specific product. In this context, we have selected a purely Pakistani brand CAPRI by ZIL industries Ltd. It started in 1954; the Ali family started its soap business operations in the factory located at Hyderabad. To cater to the growing demand, the capacity needed to be increased; therefore, the Ali family bought a defunct factory by the name of Zulfeqar Industries Ltd in November1980. This name was thereby adopted, making its official on November 6, 1986, after which it was registered on Karachi and Lahore Exchange. The company’s portfolio consists of renowned brands which make it the leading soap manufacturing and marketing companies in the country. This is the reason that we have chosen it for developing marketing strategy.

As a Pakistani origin brand, with a long standing history in the beauty industry with their famous soaps, Capri has been caring for Pakistani women since 1969. Over the decades, Capri’s name has become synonymous with beauty and care and the brand prides itself for taking the natural routes to beautiful and young skin yet never failing to take advantage of technological innovation wherever it can serve to improve its quality further. Throughout its seasoned history Capri has

maintained its commitment to affordability, accessibility and genuine care for the concerns of Pakistani women which is resonant in the Capri tagline “Change your world beautifully!” Capri’s forty year old legacy, which had initially started as a soap manufacturer, has grown organically with time and expanded its portfolio by offering a specialized product range for personal care. Thus technological advancements and innovation have enabled Capri to especially address the needs of the young consumer of today. Capri’s vision goes beyond personal care with a brand philosophy that embraces the attributes of genuine care, endeavoring to empower women with confidence. Capri values spirited and confident women of substance; women who have the power to overcome adversity or to succeed in whatever they chose. Capri seeks to promote this spirit of courage and confidence for the fulfillment of every woman’s dreams. Capri’s Natural Skincare and Wellness Range delivers a lifestyle to consumers in the premium segment. The famous yellow pack became the core identity of Capri and the fragrance is still held in high regard by the valued customers. Many reasons have made Capri successful, never been aloof from the industry norms and trends.

The brand has continuously given new offerings during the era of 90’s when the customers became more inclined towards natural products; Capri offered three new variants on the natural platform thus making it the first demand and preference for its customers.

Major brands

* Palmy: It is positioned on the affordable beauty platform and gives consumers the best quality product in the popular segment.

* Opal: It was launched with an innovative concept of multi-packs i.e. four soaps in one pack, giving consumers best value for money.

* Champion and King Swan: In the discounted segment offer value conscious consumers’ viable options and solutions for everyday laundry wash. It maintains freshness of clothes, and keeps them looking bright and new.

Features and Properties
Some of the features include:

* Adequate lather
* Beautiful fragrances
* Natural ingredients
* Shape reduces contact with ground resulting is lesser dissolving * Square shaped box packaging enables easier assembly of soaps * Five exciting flavors mentioned...
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