Burqini: Sustainability and Marketing Communication Campaign

Topics: Sustainability, Marketing, Sri Lanka Pages: 8 (2222 words) Published: October 11, 2011
* A Promotions Opportunity Analysis for the Burqini   
The below analysis is on how the Burqini could be marketed to its target audience and it has been discussed under five steps.

1.1 Communication market analysis
Objective is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Burqini’s marketing communication whilst combining and matching with the external environment analysis.

* Local - no direct competition.
* International - The competitor brands (Veilkini, MyCozzie, PrimoModa, Alsharifa, Jelbab, Zehba) are popular and strong in via on-line and retail marketing. Connected to customers through social networks and fashion magazines. Competitors

* Active Islamic women- promoting to the Middle-East, South-East Asian markets currently no retail-outlets selling the Burqini * New markets – Sponsoring CSR for cancer patients, burn victims and partnering with travel-agent to target senior-citizens, promoting the UV-resistant swimsuit for athletes through sponsorships and sport channels. Opportunities


* Different promotional campaigns for
* Adult women,
* teenagers and
* kids
Target Markets


* The current customer base could be retained through social networks (FaceBook, Twitter etc.) and loyalty programmes. * To penetrate into the competitors markets the Burqini could be advertised using mass media through cable-TV across Muslim populated countries.

Product Positioning

* Islamic symbol display on the brand Ahiida to remind the conservative consumers that the swimwear is inclined to religious values.

1.2 Marketing communication objectives
“Burqini to be the world’s No.1 full-coverage swimsuit, with international brand awareness and increase its annual sales from 25% by 2015.” All promotional campaigns, advertisements, coupons and special offers should be implemented focusing on the above objective.

1.3 Communication budget

A.1 Product introductory stage. A.2 Diminishing returns. A.3 Promotion through mass media and public relations for brand awareness.| B.1 Growth stage. B.2 Threshold effect. B.3 Investment on aggressive advertising, web development and promotional events| C.1 Maturity stage. C.2 Concave downward respond curve. C.3 Focus on maintaining market share via discounts, special offers etc.| D.1 Decline stage. D.2 Reinforcing brand image for continued products. D.3 Revisit promotional strategies for a new outlook.| 1.4 Promotional strategies

It is understandable that fashionable swimwear has not been commonly associated with the religious and the conservative Muslim backgrounds. Hence, modest designs such as the Burqini have earned the testimony of many active Islamic females. Meanwhile, threats from European countries in banning the product due to hygienic reasons have caused negative publicity. Hence the promotional strategy and all campaigns should communicate not only modesty and protection but also that the full-coverage swimwear is hygienic and safe .

1.5 Matching tactics with strategies
Without deviating from the promotional strategy, Burqini could add more colour, excitement and features for the swimsuit. * Advertisement for active Muslim adults/teenagers/ kids and mothers who just wants to sit in the water and stay close to her children. * Special products, packaging and labeling: at water-parks swimwear with cartoon characters etc. * Bonus packs (for mother and daughter).

* Special seasonal promotions (Mother’s day, Valentine’s day) * Member clubs for active Muslim women - swimming, life-saver lessons. * Sponsoring CSR activities (For cancer, elders-homes)

* Market Segments to Maintain and Secondary Segments to Attract The Burqini—as the name implies, a portmanteau of burqa and bikini, is designed in accordance with Islamic law requiring women to dress modestly. Hence the products major target market...
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