Consumer Behavior Report

Topics: Fast food restaurant, McDonald's, KFC Pages: 7 (2437 words) Published: January 6, 2013
This report will focus on the topic of consumers’ perception toward brand. To strengthen the theory, there are several brands that are being discussed to illustrate the marketers’ mind in consumer behavior studies. The Body Shop and McDonald’s are the examples that marketers want consumers to perceive a just noticeable difference between their products and competitors’ products. In contrast, OGAWA and Cake History are identified that do not want to be perceived such difference from rivalries. The Body Shop

The Body Shop is an international manufacturer and retailer whose beauty and cosmetics products are naturally inspired, ethically produced. Compare with the Japan cosmetic brand, SK-II. The Body Shop uses simple packaging to promote the idea of naturalism. They implement environment friendly technology to position itself in a healthy image. For evidence, it uses recycled paper to package their products. This concept appeals to consumer because people these days are conscious of the benefits of green environment (The Body Shop 2011). Its brand name is noticeably from its competitors. Body Shop, the brand name emphasizes on the well-being of the whole body. It is easy to say, spell and recall. It is distinctive, setting it apart from competing brands. The product is also personally relevant to consumers because of the wide range of products which take care of every part of the body. The Body Shop packages its product by using both cold colors such as green and warm colors such as yellow (Johnson 2011). Moreover, The Body Shop promotes the products through different communication media such as advertisement that shows the image of beautiful women among beautiful flora, television and magazines. The Body Shop strengthens the concept of using natural vegetation and not testing on animals to differentiate it from other competitors. Appealing concept of The Body Shop raise the awareness of consumers, in turn, attract consumers’ attention. This principle of refraining from animal testing makes The Body Shop uniquely different its competitors. In fact it were the first international cosmetics brand to be recognized under the Humane Cosmetics Standard for The Body Shop Against Animal Testing policy, and through The Body Shop Foundation, it continues to fund organisations campaigning to end the needless suffering of animals. One of differences between The Body Shop and the other competitor is that The Body Shop is always striving to develop products by using natural ingredients. In contrast, the ingredients in SK-II are mostly chemical. The Body Shop brings to consumers products bursting with effectiveness of natural ingredients to enhance their natural beauty and express their unique personality. (The Body Shop 2011). The Body Shop perseveres in using natural resources to produce natural body care product for consumers. Consumers are willing to buy natural product due to increasing of the awareness of being health and environmental care. The Body Shop avoids animal testing to ensure the protection of environment. By using this strategy, it can create a positive social performance which will brings the company healthy and reputed image. Hence, the consumers will trust the product of The Body Shop due to its credibility. Eventually, it will create consumers’ brand loyalty and secure the market position. The Body Shop uses a different way to promote its products to consumers. Firstly, it designed their commercials with containing of smooth music, beautiful scene to inspire good mood of consumer. When consumers have good mood, they are willing to process the information. They will also create a positive attitude toward the brand. Furthermore the advertisement is strong stimuli and will be able to persuade women to use the product. The smell of the products of The Body Shop is very stimulating and sales personnel never fail to entice consumers using the smell of the natural flower or fruits. Consumers are...
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