Ethical Business Company

Topics: Business ethics, Applied ethics, Corporation Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Topic: What are the advantages and disadvantages to the business face when they try to behave in an ethical way?

With the development of the global economy, business companies are facing many business challenges in the age full of competition. And business challenges will produce some different values, such as child labor, human rights, hours and wages and environmental laws (Luminita and Constantin,2006). Therefore, business companies need to pay more attention to the business ethics. What is more, ethical business is study of business behavior which promote human welfare and the good( Wikipedia).And in business companies, there are some advantages and disadvantages when they behave in an ethical way .However, there are more advantages than disadvantages in such ethical business companies.

First of all, let is talk about some advantages. In recent years, one of the most important problems ‘international managers facing today is the ecological impact of industrialization around the world’ (Caliskan, 2010, p49)Therefore, the environment problems were focused by many organizations. However, an ethical business company must follow the environment friendly policy. Here is an example below. Barclays Hire Cycle sharing scheme, which can save energy. In that way, if using cycles instead of cars, there are no worries about fuel and oil resources to damage the environment and caused pollution. What is more, the company plays the social responsibility for civil society which means it is not just focus on profit, it also include the environment.

Another advantage is an ethical business company can build image and loyalty of the company and better employee motivation and recruitment as well. For example, The Body Shop will not sell products which contain ingredients test on animals for cosmetic purposes. In such moral way, The Body Shop became more popular than any other company in the same industry .What is more, the staffs of The Body Shop were...
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