Consumer Behavior Analysis on Hsbc Bank

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Focus On Consume2

Consumer Behavior in service2

Search Quality:3

Experience quality:4

Customer Expectation of service5

Customer Perception of Service7

Customer Satisfaction:7

Role of Influence8


Focus On Consume

Service industry is a kind of industry where one can get the customer reaction almost immediately after the purchase is done. That’s why it’s very much important for companies who are involve in this industry to have a distinct focus on their customers. Banking is a kind of service that people tend to use almost every day. It is the most prominent service in the service sector and along with that it is the most used service in almost all over the world. Like any other banks HSBC also have a distinct focus on their customers. One can easily find out that how much they are focused on their customers once they learn about their mission statement “World’s Local Bank”. Form this statement we find out they tends to be the bank which will be operated in almost all over the world with is true. Today we see HSBC has its branches in almost all the prominent cities and countries. And in every country they try to provide customized services to their customers. For example recently HSBC has a Islamic Banking services named “AMANAH” in Bangladesh and also in almost all Muslim countries where they operate their business. It’s not only the product category but they also customize their promotional activity regarding the culture of the host country. For example if you search for the advertisement of HSBC on internet you will see they have different advertisement for different countries. So that shows the level of focus that HSBC tends to give on their customers.

Consumer Behavior in service

As Banking is a service oriented business its consumer behavior is very much different from any other businesses. Consumer behavior in service in case of the baking service is a very complex topic. We had said earlier that banking is service which people tends to take for almost every day. So to gain a steady amount of customer a bank must consider the behavior of their consumers. And search for their customer needs wants and demands.

Search Quality:

In this case the first thing that comes while the consumer behavior is considered is the search quality. It means when a customer look for a certain product the first thing that came on their mind. Here as a multinational bank in Bangladesh when customer look for buying a banking service from the HSBC they consider few things.

▪ Location of the bank: Banking is a kind of service that people uses almost daily. So location of a bank is very important. People always want to do their banking transactions from the nearest location of their homes or offices. So from our research HSBC has looked after this criterion very effectively. They have established all their branches in almost all the prominent places in Dhaka city.

▪ Front desk service: For bank especially for a multinational bank front desk service is the most important bank. So while people want to open an account in the prominent multinational bank like HSBC they will obviously want to have fast and effective front desk service from a bank. No one will like to wait in a long line for hours in multinational bank like HSBC.

▪ Effective ATM services: ATM services now a days has become one of the biggest issue in banking services. If a bank wants to survive in the market they must have proper number of ATM booths in all the commercially important places along with that they must also provide this services nearer to people’s homes. It’s not only the service location but also the service quality. We have seen many ATM Booths where people can’t withdraw their required money due the network problem or insufficient money. From our research we have find out that almost 80%...
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