Consumer Behavior Analysis

Topics: Cognition, Sunglasses, Price Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: October 5, 2008
Protocol 1 Anticipatory
I have been longing for one sunglass for a long time after I accidently stepped on my old one and broke it. Since summer is on the way, nice and sunny weather has always reminding me to think about consumption. Unfortunately, I am such a picky person that I determined to get the perfect fit only for my special. My criteria are primary focused on the quality, brand, and the style. Probably style can be considered as the most important one because I want everything I possessed to reflect my personal conception. Price is an important but not most significant element for me because I tend not to use budget to restrict my preference. Apparently, around Bellingham area, the only place I can think of purchasing a good quality sunglass is in Bellis Fair Mall. Also, my observation told me that there are several store in the mall selling sunglasses. I didn’t think too much and decided to check it out. Protocol 2 Contemporaneous

First, I walked around different stores. The price differentiates a lot from store to stores and brand to brand. I still couldn’t make up my mind because I could not tell any difference between the sunglasses that are 2 pairs for $10 and a pair for more than $50. They all look the same to me. Till a sales associate come to me and explain to me that the low-quality and imitation sunglasses would result in the eyes impairment under UV, I decided to get a good one and assume that higher price indicate reasonable quality. So I went Macy’s, where I anticipate superior quality products and higher price. However, It’s still hesitate me on deciding how my unique sunglass should be designed as but when I run across the sunglasses section in Macy’s, I tried different brands on Calvin Klein, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Michael Michale Kors and so on. They all look the same to me. Eventually, one sunglass suddenly caught my eye. I was so surprised that the design just perfectly matched my perception and reinforces the want....
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