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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Role of Perception in Consumer Behaviour

Role of Perception in Consumer Behaviour
By Debbie Donner, eHow Contributor

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Subliminal (subconscious) advertising may affect the role of perception in consumer behaviour.

By studying consumers, businesses can gain a better understanding of the role of perception in consumer behaviour. Companies can greatly improve their marketing strategies when they have a firm grasp on the psychology of how consumers feel, think and reason their way to a buying decision. Knowing how consumers are influenced by their environment, their information-processing abilities and their perception of a product can help companies to more effectively reach consumers. Other People Are Reading

How to Measure Consumer Perception
Factors Affecting Consumer Perception


People’s perception of something can vary greatly from person to person, with each one forming an individual opinion about the stimuli (agents, action or conditions that elicit a response) being received. Individuals are continually receiving “messages” through the five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. Successful marketers use those senses to stimulate consumers to examine a product. Perception is one of the key psychological factors that influence consumer behaviour. Function

In marketing, the role of perception in consumer behaviour is all about recognizing how consumers view a company’s product or service. A consumer's motivation for buying a particular product or service often comes down to image. People wish to be perceived as having the ability to make the “right” choices and pick the “right” products. Marketers use perception to target people’s need to fit in and be part of a larger group of discerning consumers.


The significant role played by perception...
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