Consensual Relationship Agreement

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An analysis of the Consensual Relationship Agreements
Case Study
Assignment 1

STUDENT NAME: Arlette Lamsa

Dr. Evangeline Jefferson

Bus 520: Leadership and organization Behavior

January, 2013

Consensual Relationship Agreements
Case Study

The purpose of this project is to examine the Consensual Relationship Agreement case study. By Definition, consensual relationship Agreement indicates an agreement read and signed by both Employers and employees by highlighting and confirming an obviously romantic relationship between both parties.

The use of consensual relationship Agreement policy in general at the workplace, is fundamental for the employers and also employees. In many organizations, employees are in risks of potentials sexual harassments. But inevitably, some workers engage in a romance adventure at the office. Sometimes those romances end in a not so good term with pretty bad consequences. According to Hellriegel and Slocum (2011), the characteristics of a consensual Relationship agreement is defined as contract that set boundaries on certain office romance situations. They go as the following: decreasing sexual harassment litigation risk, reducing perceptions of favoritism, creating a forum to discuss professional workplace behavior, and reminding dating employees the lack of privacy in the workplace. This is to ensure all relationships are voluntary and consensual.

Argue consensual relationship Agreement:
At a work place it is truly inevitable for some employers and employees to get involved in any type of relationship. Sometimes, people with higher working status could have this habit of asking lower status employees for a date or may use a not so professional behavior towards a subordinate. Also, some employers with successful romantic relationship with subordinates, may show more favoritism toward another employee. This Agreement makes the workers and employees be responsible of their own acts and behaviors. Some surveys have proven that, most of the employees get involved in a romantic relationship during the course of their career. In some cases, not all workplaces have a written consensual relationship agreement policy for their employees. Often, some of the employees are not aware of the consensual relationship agreement policy. Twice a year, at my workplace there are training sessions on sexual harassment behavior. This training helps the employees and employers to be aware of any consequences that will generate from any inappropriate conduct toward one another. According to (Cropper, 1997), these policies should be placed in each employee personal file. This training is very important because, sometimes, it lets the employee that is sexually harassed to know his rights and understand that sexual harassment is a behavior that is Absolutely not tolerated. We are coming to the term that, consensual relationship agreement is necessary in a workplace, because it will make people aware of their rights. In this case most of the time, with this policy, the employer will stay on the loop if any employee is sexually harassed. If he does not, he will be accountable due to the fact that, as an employer, he should know what is going on his work place. Also, the employee will know where to direct his concerns and who to talk to.

In my opinion, the use of consensual relationship agreement is a necessary tool to avoid most cases of sexual Harassment in a work place. According to (Alderman, 1995), the use of consensual Relationship Agreement policy, will definitely make all employees alert of any sexual harassment behavior prone to lawsuits and love relationship.

Counter Argument:
Love relationship and sexual behavior have existed for decades in most organizations. This issue has always been a big concern for some employers. These sexual harassment behaviors could be...
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