Connections Between Ancient Civilizations

Topics: Roman Empire, Buddhism, Greeks Pages: 2 (343 words) Published: October 29, 2011
Connections between civilizations did effect the development of civilizations. One of the biggest examples is Greece and Rome. Another great example of this is China. A third example that would support this case is Africa. These three countries had connections, or the lack of them, that helped them develop.

Greece and Rome were the center of the world during their era. Greece made their religion and culture without influences from others. When the Macedonians conquered them, Greece’s culture greatly influenced Macedonian’s Hellenistic culture. Hellenistic culture was based upon many different cultures. The culture by which the Romans based theirs on was almost entirely Greek. The kings of gods, Zeus for Greek and Jupiter for Rome, were almost identical. Many other roles, such as love, wisdom, and sun were similar, if not identical. Greeks had a great impact on the Hellenistic culture and even a greater impact on the Roman culture.

China was a very interesting civilization. They were geographically isolated from most other civilizations, which allowed them to create a unique way of living for themselves. China created a string of philosophies that was not seen anywhere else in the world. Everyone else had religions based upon monotheism or polytheism, but China created Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. One of the biggest changes in China happened with a connection between them and India. They received Buddhism, another philosophy, and this changed a majority of China.

Africa had a large network with many different countries. One of the biggest is that which connected them to Europe. They received Christianity, one of the main religions in Europe, and it became a major religion for Africa as well. Art was also slightly influenced by Greece culture. Fly-horses carving were very similar to Greece art. Africa was also influence by economical trade, which allowed them to create routes across the Sahara and across the Indian Ocean, but the...
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