Ccot Between Africa and Eurasia Trade Networks from 300ce-1450ce

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April 24, 2013 Period 3 Changes and Continuity over Time
There are plenty of changes yet some no changes in the trade works between Africa and Eurasia from 300CE-1450CE. The motives for creating trade relations was to get the necessary goods to live on as well as becoming richer despite of living in different regions. However the goods that were traded changed like gold, salt, indigo, and Persian rugs. As well as the trading of ideas that changed technology and religion.

Trade between Africa and Eurasia remained constant during 300CE. Egypt would rise in power becoming an empire in Africa while Eurasia was a combination of states with the Mughal Empire. They traded back and forth using trading cities like Timbuktu with raw goods from Africa and Persian goods from Eurasia. Since trading is what allows people to come to an understanding with various other people, it became highly valued in Africa and Europe due to the luxury goods. However, China doesn't consider merchants as the middle class in their system. Merchants are considered the lowest class despite of the money they make which has been to same treatment from 300CE-1450CE. Trade was used to show off to other nations their rich raw materials and goods that only they could get unlike elsewhere which is why China started its isolationism due to this trade. Trading also spreads the nation's culture making scholars everywhere have more knowledge about the world around them

As time passes, new empires began to form like Ghana in eastern Africa who trades gold and salt with Europe. Once a nation or empire has something worth having that other people want, trade starts to expand into that area. This would increase the amount of trading between Eurasia and Africa. However, as leaders of various empires began to gather more power and they would make roads to connect the empire together as it gets...
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