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The Mongols along with the Tang and Song Dynasties of China have a significant amount of customs and achievements that reflect their values. The Chinese Empire was very prosperous during the Tang and Song Dynasties and the Mongolian Empire due to their achievements and customs. These achievements and customs very much reflect on Chinese and Mongol values. With the many customs of the Chinese Empire, the practices of Confucianism came along. The teachings of Confucius preached behavior based upon the five relationships (doc.1). The values of the five relationships were respect, obedience and care taking. The teachings of Confucius included a huge belief in education (doc.2). The teachings of Confucius created the bases for the Chinese value of Respect because they were taught to respect their superiors. The teachings of Confucius created the value of education in china. For example, Chinese boys studied from age 7 until they took the civil service exam to attain a government position which brought wealth and power to their families (doc.4).

In the many achievements of the Chinese, there is the invention of the fire arrow (doc.3). The fire arrow was used in war to protect warriors from enemies. The Mongols also invented stirrups which allowed a warrior to stand and shoot arrows behind him (doc.6). Both of these inventions influenced the Chinese value of fierceness and protection. These inventions influenced this value because warriors were able to protect and fight for their people and to do this they needed to be brave.

China was a prosperous empire during the Tang and Song Dynasties and The Mongolian Empire because of their achievements and customs. Their achievements and customs created and influenced values such as education, respect, obedience, care taking and fierceness. These values were mainly built off of the teachings and beliefs of Confucianism and the many inventions of the Chinese and mongols.
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