Conflict Management

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Improving group, organizational or team dynamics when conflict occurs "I plead with Euodia and I plead with Syntyche to agree with each other in the Lord." -- Philippians 4:2 Peacemaking: Tips for recognizing and managing conflicts

Team unity: 5 conflict management techniques
Missionaries get into conflict with each other. Pastors and lay people get into conflict. Volunteers in ministry organizations find themselves in conflict. Human relations managers in businesses often find themselves managing situations of inter-personal conflict. How can you manage disagreements in ways that build personal and collegial relationships rather than harming them? Such disagreements or conflicts can occur between individuals or between groups of people. Here are five strategies from conflict management theory for managing stressful situations. None is them is a "one-size-fits-all" solution. Which one is the best in a given situation will depend on a variety of factors, including an appraisal of the levels of conflict. •Collaborating: win/win

Compromising: win some/lose some
Accommodating: lose/win
Competing: win/lose
Avoiding: no winners/no losers
I win, you win
Symbol: Owl
Fundamental premise: Teamwork and cooperation help everyone achieve their goals while also maintaining relationships Strategic philosophy: The process of working through differences will lead to creative solutions that will satisfy both parties' concerns When to use:

When there is a high level of trust
When you don't want to have full responsibility
When you want others to also have "ownership" of solutions •When the people involved are willing to change their thinking as more information is found and new options are suggested •When you need to work through animosity and hard feelings Drawbacks:

The process takes lots of time and energy
Some may take advantage of other people's trust and openness Compromising
You bend, I bend
Symbol: Fox...
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