Conflict Is a Catalyst for Change

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  • Published : July 24, 2011
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Conflict is a catalyst for change
Everything changes daily for a number of different reasons and one of them can be conflict. Conflict usually only brings us tragedy and sadness due to its process which changes a lot of different things. The result of conflict which is usually death is one obvious change it brings to us that change the peaceful life into a chaos. During the process of conflict, other changes will also be made. During conflicts, it is possible that our positions get changed. When the side we support in the conflict gets weakened, we are likely to switch our position to the other side in order to secure our own safety. However, it would be remiss to think that conflict will lead to changes in everything. Indeed, element such as love has enormous power which cannot be changed by anything.

Conflict usually ends up in a negative result such as bringing death and change peace into chaos. As conflict usually starts by two main reasons which are fear and self interest, the more we fear, the more what we fear for will turn into reality according to the famous “Murphy’s Law”. If we fear for the changes, we may likely to do anything to stop the changes to happen and actually our actions are likely to lead to the changes. The other reason for conflict which is self interest is also a key which leads to change. Conflicts which are start for self interest may not result in what the starter expects, but it is likely to result in changes. This idea is reflected from Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible”. The conflict start due to the self interest of Abigail changes the village into the chaos. The result is also not what Abigail expected as Mr. Proctor does not give up his wife. Thus, as long as conflict occur, it is almost impossible that not change happens.

In some occasions, it is possible that our positions change from the good side to the evil side during a conflict. At the start of the conflict, we may stand for the good side due to our moral...
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