Conflict: Barack Obama and Vocal Orchestra

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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‘Conflict can divide and unite the people who encounter it.’ Encountering conflict is part of human nature. Building relationships with other individuals enables us to communicate our opinions, ideas, thoughts and feelings but such encounters can often lead to conflict as there may be a difference of opinion. This enables one of two things; it either divides the people encountering conflict or unites them. Paradise Road is a good example of how conflict has the ability to do both. Through the formation of the vocal orchestra, the uniting of the group is portrayed which further allows the breaking down of the ever present social class distinctions. On the other hand, the loss of hope causes some of the women to drift away from the rest of the group and cause a division. Another aspect is the recent murder of 20 children and 6 adults in Connecticut. Such an instance is surely allowing the country to unite and mourn for the loss of innocent children and adults but is also dividing the nation on the issue of gun laws. A personal issue allowed me to recognise how conflict has the ability to divide people. Based on actual events, Bruce Beresford demonstrates how music has the ability to unite people. After the horrific event of Wing’s death, the vocal orchestra causes an uplifting of emotions in most of the Prisoners of War. Being torn from family, friends and deprived of luxuries such as adequate food, shelter, water and clothing, leaves the ladies in the camp leading a life with a bleak future. Although some such as Rosemary Leighton-Jones find strength in one day reuniting with their husbands’, many are seen to lose faith as they are “never [getting] out of this...[never leaving] Sumatra.” Such negative talk is overturned by the formation of the vocal orchestra. It firstly unites Adrienne Partiger and Margaret Drummond over the divisive boundaries of class as before the war, women from the upper ranks of colonial society never associated with missionaries. By...
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