Conflict: Anarchism and Long Lasting Aftermaths

Topics: Anarchism, African American, COINTELPRO Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Conflict can have tragic consequences for ordinary people
In society’s composition, ordinary people establish the majority of the population creating the base of the group. When faced with challenges and conflict stemming from others in the same faction, they are affected and met with the consequences of the conflict. These effects may have tragic consequences to ordinary people with long lasting aftermaths such as portrayed in ‘Paradise Road’ and throughout history. Conflict, however, comes in different forms and arrangements with varying views and purposes. This signifies that not all consequences of conflict is disastrous, and can have a valuable effect on ordinary people. The characters in ‘Paradise Road’ are essentially ordinary civilians of countries torn in war that were thrust into situations that ended with tragic consequences. From the beginning scenes the women are portrayed living luxurious but sheltered lives, following that they were plunged into the devastating prisoner’s camp showing the drastically altered life style they endured. Throughout the film the women are exposed to the unfamiliar brutality of humans, creating long lasting effects on their psychological mindset. This is seen from the ruthless death of Wing, having been caught getting medicinal tablets for Mrs Roberts. Due to the innocent and charitable nature of the act, the dreadful punishment for Wing was a surprise and vicious shock to the other women as it was nothing like their previous experiences, establishing the brutal nature of humans and course of the film. From this scene however, the idea that ‘conflict brings out the best in people’ could also be seen as Wing self-sacrificed herself. Additionally, despite the cruel conducts and treatment, the idea that ‘The survivors of conflict are true heroes’ is also brought to light as the women that were released held on til the end, surviving through will power and each other’s help and not giving into using their bodies. Evidently,...
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