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Executive summery

This marketing plan is based on Altoids, which in an American product introduced into Australian market. Altoids are produced by Wrigley a US based company. In order to increase the market share Altoids will be introduced into Australian market through retailers by distribution and promotion. The PEST and SWAT analysis states that there is good scope of new confectionary items being introduced into Australian market.

Altoids would be introduced into Australian market in two phases. In the initial phase four different flavors of the product will be introduced, which would be positioned high with price. These different flavors would be distributed into the Australian market through traditional and non traditional distribution channels. In the second phase the company would focus more on market expenditure in order to gain 10% market share and 3% on overall confectionary market. Once the Altoids are introduced into the Australian market the brand awareness is created through billboards, campaigning in cinemas and coffee shops.

In order to attain good market share and maintain quality of the product constant monitoring is done. In this market plan we tend to focus monitoring on sales report and customer experience. Constant monitoring helps to track the critical success factor of the product.

Table of Contents
Marketing Plan1
1. Introduction4
1.1 Scope of the report4
1.2 Limitations of the report4
2. Organisational Profile4
2.1. The International of Wrigley in US4
2.2. Wrigley in Australia5
3. Situational Analysis5
3.1 Business Environment5
3.2 Market and Industry Trends6
3.3 Competitors6
3.4 Wrigley’s products6
3.5 Differentiation Strategy7
4. Organisational Resources and Capabilities7
4.1 SWOT analysis:7
5. Marketing Objectives8
5.1 Financial objectives8
5.2 Non-financial objectives9
5.3 Market Entry Strategy10
6. Segmentation, targeting and Positioning10
6.1 Segmentation and targeting10
6.2 Positioning11
6.3 Critical Success Factors13
7. Marketing Mix Strategies14
7.1. Product14
7.2. Price14
7.3. Place15
7.4. Promotion15
8. Budget16
8. 1 Market Capabilities17
9. Implementation18
10. Evaluation and Control18
11. Conclusion18
Appendix 1: Sales of Sugar Confectionery by Subsector: Value 2003-200820
Appendix 2 : Sales of Sugar Confectionery by Subsector: % Value Growth 2003-200820
Appendix 3: Forecast Sales of Sugar Confectionery by Subsector: % Volume Growth 2008-201321
Appendix 4: Forecast Sales of Sugar Confectionery by Subsector: % Value Growth 2008-201321
Appendix 5: Product Range of Altoids Mint22
Appendix 6: Gant chart23
Appendix 7: Budget24
Appendix 8: Altoids Ads24

1. Introduction
1.1 Scope of the report
This report covers the implementation of the Altoids marketing plan which relates to 4 mint products entering the Australian market place.

1.2 Limitations of the report
This report has been hindered by insufficient data collection regarding competitors in the market place.

The marketing team found that there were also limitations in the availability of secondary data relating specifically to the mint market.

2. Organisational Profile
2.1. The International of Wrigley in US
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company is a recognized leader in confections with a wide range of product offerings including gum, mints, hard and chewy candies, lollipops, and chocolate. The company has operations in more than 40 countries and distributes its world-famous brands in more than 180 countries. Wrigley is headquartered in Chicago. (Wrigley Company Profile).
Wrigley has been delighting consumers with fun, innovative, high-quality products for over 100...
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