Conducive Classroom

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  • Published: January 31, 2013
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Chapter I
Background of the Study
Student achievement has always been considered the ultimate objective in the classroom, and rightly so.  It would make sense then to seek guidance from teachers who have had great success with their students. Students are unable to learn in a haphazard environment, thus students will not be able to achieve their full potential. Students simply cannot learn to the best of their ability in a chaotic environment. Classroom management is an integral part of student achievement even being possible. Not every student is learning in the classroom. Numerous distractions stand between the teacher's message and the student's ears. In addition to the physical layout of the classroom, factors such as feedback from peers and the instructor can either hinder or improve a student's ability to absorb information. It is the instructor's duty to make the classroom environment conducive to learning. A conducive classroom environment refers to the mood and atmosphere inside of a class that motivates students to participate actively in learning and to be engaged in classroom activities. Creating a conducive environment can be a combination of good teaching skills, rapport between the teacher and students, appropriate behavior among students and strategic use of incentives and disincentives for good and poor behavior. Maintaining the proper environment is the challenge because classrooms are dynamic -- from moment to moment the atmosphere changes. Teachers must recognize when learning is not optimal and employ strategies to regain the conducive environment. Running a classroom requires more than just arranging desks and imparting information to students. In addition, teachers are responsible for making sure the classroom is conducive to the learning process. This involves creating a curriculum adapted to the needs of the individual students and setting an atmosphere that is welcoming to all of the children. This requires planning and a...
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