My Personal Classroom Management Plan

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My Personal Classroom Management Plan
Marwan Wilson
Grand Canyon University
EDU 450 – Classroom Engagement & Management
Ashley Calhoun
February 12, 2012

A teacher in the classroom setting is considered a professional in that environment because they have the training and skills necessary by which to create a setting which is conducive to learning. To aide in the establishment of a setting which is conducive to learning the teacher must create guidelines which help to provide structure for expected behavior as well as for the dissemination of information between teacher and student. Organization and careful planning are two elements which help to create an environment which is not only conducive to learning, but also provides structure which is crucial to helping students to develop and flourish in the classroom setting.

My Personal Classroom Management Plan
It is very important for teachers to develop a classroom management plan to help provide students with proper guidance related to the operation of the classroom setting. Students must learn how to act in an appropriate and acceptable manner with their teacher and peers. Providing students with guidelines for those interactions is an essential task so as to insure that the classroom operates at an optimum level daily. The classroom management plan should help to promote positive student behavior by clearly delineating those behaviors which are inappropriate and unacceptable for the classroom. In the textbook titled “Classroom Management for Academic Success” which was written by Lee Canter, the author states, “The foundation of any teacher-student relationship is respect. To build trusting relationships with all of your students, your students must respect you” (p. 90). He further states, “Effective teachers recognize that building trusting relationships with student’s means putting in the time and effort to get to know them. These teachers know that they are not just teaching reading, arithmetic, science, or Spanish to a class of 20-35 students. They are teaching 20-35 young people who bring their own personal issues with them into the classroom” (p. 91). The teacher should model the expected behavior for his/her students and clearly explain each portion of their management plan to avoid any misunderstandings or confusion. It is essential that the plan be simple and understandable for each and every student so as to gain buy-in and help the students to understand the guiding principles that will help to make each and every day one that is fun and engaging.

Teacher Behavior and Presentation
The teacher must demonstrate ownership of the classroom setting which implies that he or she must have a clear and concise plan for leading the classroom. As stated in the book titled “Building Classroom Discipline” which was written by C. M. Charles, the author states, “It is important to reflect on how you will conduct yourself in your class” (p. 288). The teacher must demonstrate and model the type of behavior expected from students. This type of modeling helps students to learn what is acceptable and unacceptable when interaction with their peers as well as other teachers and adults in the building. Teachers are held to a very high standard as professional educators and they must understand that in the capacity that they serve it is important to set standards for others to follow. The classroom management plan is an example of the standard which helps students to understand the parameters which guide the appropriate types of classroom interactions. As a classroom teacher I would introduce my classroom management plan to my students on the first day of school. Carefully explaining the plan to the students will provide the type of guidance that will help to make each day very manageable for both the teacher and students. I would also send home a copy of...
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