Condoms Marketing for Safer Sex

Topics: Condom, HIV, Sexual intercourse Pages: 7 (1833 words) Published: June 3, 2009
Marketing Safer Sex
REPORT 1: Marketing Background

MRK 317 UU

Mary Louise Huebner
Monday, November 1, 2004

GROUP MEMBERS Botbol, Debbie Ditloff, Nicholas Dominutti, Marisa Fenuta, Sonia Fillion, Alexis Malfa, Michael Nehme, Chantel 036 036 036 033 754 037 070 205 026 031 292 030 024 252 033 033 046 038 037 458 031


A. Objectives and Resources of the Vancouver Health Department Objectives: Condomania’s objectives for campaigns one through six were as follows: Create awareness. Encourage condom use and sexual relationship discussions amongst the target audience. Educate bar managers about condom use. Make condom use more socially acceptable within the target audience. Create positive associations with condoms. Resources: Condomania has a wide range of resources to communicate their messages to their target audience and they are as follows: A wide variety of volunteer sources from universities, community colleges, local AIDS organizations and the Vancouver Health Department. Well-qualified committee, which includes a chairperson, volunteer coordinator, media coordination specialist, program material coordinator and a creativity coordinator. Outdoor parks. Vancouver pharmacies. Universities campus cafeterias. Fitness clubs. Nightclubs. Bars.


B. Economic and Technological Environment/Trends
Economic Environment/Trends: Unfortunately, Condomania consistently encounters funding issues and this can potentially create problems for future campaigns. Funding Issues such as: Where will the future funding come from? How will Condomania be able to secure the sources and for how long? Funding has been inconsistent in the past, which makes it difficult to plan for the future. Technological Environment/ Trends: Due to some technological trends listed below, Condomania must reinforce their messages to their target audience. The pill and the patch are two contraceptives that are commonly used instead of condoms. There is no cure for HIV/AIDS

C. Social, Cultural and Demographic Trends
Social Trends: Listed below are several social trends that Condomania encounters consistently throughout their campaigns. Not many people like using condoms Not all members of society appreciated the open approach to sexuality that Condomania was trying to encourage. Transmission of HIV/AIDS is escalating in young adults. Demographic Trends: These demographic trends briefly demonstrate the attitudes that both males and females have towards condom use. A more positive change in attitude appeared in women towards condoms, but there was little change documented in men.


Men believe that condom usage is a woman’s responsibility.

D. Political and Legal Environment
Political Environment: Political issues must be taken into account when they are trying to communicate their objectives through media. The transit company thought that the issue of AIDS and condom use was controversial. Radio stations felt that their audience would react negatively to the PSA’s and the content for radio commercials because it was believed to be controversial. An advertisement from one campaign was censored because of sexual innuendos. Male: “The longer you use condoms….”, Female: “The longer you last….” (pg. 106)

A. Consumer Data There was an increase in the incidence of HIV/AIDS among young heterosexuals. The 6th campaign only achieved limited success. Based on the research data for the 6th Campaign: Females seem to be more aware and able to accept condoms than men. Both males and females showed positive results when they saw the campaign compared to those who did not see it. The results in the 6th campaign indicated that females felt the advertisement “gave me a reason to use condoms” (pg. 101), and “it gets you to think condoms are good for you” (pg. 101). Males scored lower than females. The survey revealed that Condomania’s posters and campaign theme was the least...
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