Case Study: Condoms in Fiji

Topics: Sexual intercourse, AIDS, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 7 (1993 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Marie Stopes International Pacific (MSIP) is a non-profit, non-government organisation working in the area of sexual and reproductive health in Fiji and other Pacific Island nations. Increasing numbers of HIV/AIDS cases, sexually transmitted infections and teenge pregnancies highlighted a lack of knowledge about sexual health and the need for education about condom use within the Fijian community. With a small population of only 900,00 people, HIV/AIDS has the potential to have a devastating impact on Fiji if it is unchecked. To address this problem, MSIP utilises modern marketing techniques and a locally branded product to increase the acceptance, awareness and of condoms within Fiji.

Question 1a:
The main objectives of the MSIP campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of wearing condoms within the general community, to be effective in controlling the spread on HIV/AIDS , and most importantly work towards making condoms just as acceptable in society as coca-cola and twisties.

Question 1b:
This MSIP’s campaign is different from other commercial campaigns as this campaigns objectives are to provide awareness, acceptance in the community aswell as national availability, rather than profit. An example of this is how the cost of a pack of 3 TRYTIME condoms costs 80 cents Fijian. This allows the community to value the product as well as most importantly being able to afford it. The non profit pricing structure was designed to cover production costs as well as contribute to cost recovery for MSIP’s ongoing project activities.

Question 2a:
This campaign has been successful due to the sales of the condoms exceeding the required targets and meeting the public demand successfully. •As a result of MSIP’s condom social marketing project there has been a significant increase of community awareness of condoms. Although this campaign is only a short term measure the awareness that the MISP project has provided, has increased the amount of people choosing to protect themselves.

Question 2b:
In the villages of the indigenous FIJIAN communities there are peer support sellers that enable young people to access the availability of the condoms. These sellers could hold small focus groups and conduct market research which will allow MISP to measure how successful the TRYTIME product is. •For these focus groups to be successfu,l high sensitivity towards the issue will be conducted with the community. This high sensitivity can be approached in the focus groups which allow small groups of community members to come together in an atmosphere where they feel accepted and comfortable within the small groups. •This allows each member of the group to feel confident in the discussion and ensures the acceptance of condom use through the following generations. The result in the success of preventing HIV AIDS will not be known for years to come.

Question 3a:
The Australian market has to take a different approach when marketing the product of condoms. Condoms are much more acceptable in Australia due to the Australian community wanting to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Question 3b:
These aspects would not work in the Australian market as the population of the FIJIAN community in Australia is very minimal compared to the white Caucasian population. Rugby is also not the biggest supported sport in Australia , although Australia is a sporting country there isn’t just one sport that is followed and supported by the whole country. The main object for an Australian campaign would be to prevent pregnancies rather than acceptance within the community. Having focus groups in high schools and work shops will start the younger population understanding the implications of pregnancies at a young age. Talks and mentoring the youth will also achieve the target of knowledge in the community. Having condoms available in all convenience shops including petrol stations, pubs, clubs and toilets allows the...
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