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  • Published : December 6, 2007
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This past week I attended a classical concert that the Music Department of WKU put on. The one I went to watch was the Trombone Studio Recital performed by the WKU Trombone Choir and Trombone Quartet. The musicians performed fifteen different pieces by many different classical composers which include: Sonata for Bass Trombone, Concerto in F Minor, Suite for Four Trombones, and Morceau Symphonique. The performance of Alleluia was truly an amazing experience and was my favorite piece of the concert. The piece started out piano: or soft. With a very slow beat. During the entire piece, the Chorus sang with out any musical instruments, with many different levels of pitches in their voices. With a combined chorus of Altos, Tenors, and Sopranos. The next piece I want to talk about is Coral of Bells. It was another great piece of work done by the chorus. During the piece the chorus started of in a very staccato way or a very short, detached style with no musical instruments, then voices got louder and higher, then right back to soft again. The mixture of voice tones and melody brought the piece of music together to make it very good and easy to listen to. The other piece that I am going to talk about is This Little Babe. The female chorus members sang this song with a piano. It was a very loud piece of music. With very definable pauses so that they could take breathes seeing as how they were singing in a very staccato form. The tempo was not fast nor slow but a steady walking pace or andante. Then further to the end of the concert they sang Night of Silence which was a okay piece of music but not my cup of tea. It seemed as though at times men would take command and over power the female voices. The texture was definitely polyphonic with imitation because of this I think is the reason that I did not like the piece. Overall I give this concert a very good rating. And I would suggest anyone to go and take a listen if they ever decide to put on the concert again.
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