Masterworks of Western Music Concert Report

Topics: Music, Opera, Performance Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: June 24, 2012
Concert Report
Before the last days of the class I was looking for a new concert to write about and I had a chance to go a live music concert on May 3. I attended to The Rites of Spring in Shepard Recital Hall. The Department of Music School of Fine and Performing Arts presented the concert. It is the same hall that I took my class so I was very familiar with the concert hall. I used the same chair that I use in my Masterworks of Western Music class. Before the concert I did a little research about what does “The Rites of Spring” means. It means like a spring ceremony and this kind of concerts take place in many countries included my homeland Turkey in May. The concert took two stages. The costumes of singers were different from each other. While someone singing the others were waiting on the right side of the stage. That made me confused because it seems like a choir but only one singing. We listened compilation of different songs that taken from different operas. Listening different stories from different talents was an outstanding experience. It was hard to believe that only a piano companied the singers because of the deepness of the sound. When I close my eyes it sound me like a little orchestra. Most of the singers were soprano; there were few tenor and baritone. Especially Nancy Freer amazed me so much. She singed one of my favorite one Vissi d'arte which is compesed by Giacomo Puccini. Whenever I listen it I feel flame. Also she singed Villanelle from Les Nuits d’ete, composed by Hector Berlioz. The most impressive thing about her voice was, it totally filled my ears and pleasure. Nancy was more experienced than the others although she is only 31. The other singers were younger than Nancy. I am not sure but maybe some of them would be student at collage. Before the end of the first stage a face that I am familiar with took the scene. He was T.J Schuhle, bass-baritone. I know him from the opera, “The Medium” He seems really interesting to me because his...
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