Concepts in Metaphysics and Significant Professional Achievement

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Take a minute and think about your most outstanding, significant professional achievement. Invite the interviewee to share their story. Ask the interviewee, "What about you made this achievement possible?" (Be patient, honor the time it takes the interviewee to be comfortable with sharing their story, encourage confidence, even boldness about how they describe themselves and, above all, listen.)

What do you value deeply? How are those values reflected in your work? Give the interviewee sufficient time to formulate an answer.

We all seem to have events in our lives that turn us in a new positive direction. Sometimes they are the things that make us go “a ha!” What was one of the most memorable experiences for you? What were you doing, and what about this experience made it so special? As a result of that experience, what would you bring to our organization?

Tell me about a time when you were a member of a group who collaborated to achieve amazing results perhaps even in the face of many challenges. What allowed you to work together so elegantly even in the difficult times? What were you doing? Others? What did the organization provide that created such an important outcome?

I know that I have had great experiences as a customer and as a provider. I would like to hear about the most memorable experience you had as a customer. Can you tell me where it was? What were you doing, and what about this experience made it so special? Now can you share with me the most satisfying experience that you had serving someone else? Where were you working? Who was the customer? What were they buying/looking for? How did you help them? Tom Gourley
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