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* News Feature
A story that has its basis upon a timely news happening with a human interest angle is called a news feature. * Information Feature
It may be very closely related to the so called “New Journalism”. Facts for this type are usually obtained from interview, library research and personal observation * Personality Sketches
This type of feature is very popular among the readers as everybody wants to know abut other people. * Personal Experience Story
This type is usually in the form of an interview. It must deal with an unusual experience or a wonderful accomplishment. * Human Interest Story
It entertains more than it informs. It may be written about almost anything i.e. person places, animals etc. * Historical Feature
Historical feature though they deal with events or personalities of the past, have interest for present day readers because the facts these features give:- i. Are timely
ii. Are unique
iii. Throw new light on an old story
iv. Debunk wrong popular beliefs
v. Promote speculation and imagery among the readers
* Interpretative Feature
Interpretative features inform, and throw light in the background of certain problems. The following topics are usually discussed under the heading of interpretative feature:- i. Social Problems

ii. Economic Problems
iii. Political Problems
iv. Problems of everyday life.
* Popularized Scientific Feature
Popularized scientific articles, bridging the gap which separated the scientist and journalist for a long time present scientifically accurate facts in a non-technical and easily understood language.

The technique of feature writing is similar to the technique of any expository or narrative writing since it makes use of it:- i. Introduction
In this portion an introduction to the topic under discussion is given. The central idea or the keynote is also introduced to the readers. ii. Body
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