Computerized Scheduling System

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Computer science is a course that is directly engaged in software or computer program designing & hardware engineering. Both of them are essential in the field of computer education. This thesis offers you many experiences through observation & interview. You can develop your component of language like listening, speaking, reading & writing. For every chapter you can express your thoughts, ideas & feelings in this thesis.

Abstract: A computerized reservations and scheduling system is provided which alternately allows transportation consumers to select from pre-scheduled transportation services provided by transportation providers or to negotiate and contract with transportation providers who have available unscheduled transportation space. The system comprises a central computerized data base. Transportation providers and consumers alike access the computer via a plurality of terminal units. The central computerized data base comprises a "maybe" file for storing information regarding available unscheduled transportation space which may be offered by a provider for service if a suitable consumer demand exists and for storing information regarding unscheduled transportation space which is needed by consumers. The "maybe" file facilitates negotiating and contracting between the parties. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY:

1.    To inform the readers regarding the new trends and systematic way of scheduling. 2.    To give such views and opinions and researches about the 21st century style of systematic scheduling. 3.    To give ideas to a particular company, group or organization on new enhancement/s in their scheduling system. 4.    To inform ourselves and the readers regarding the new technology that our country is looking forward to develop such as new system for the near future. 5.    And to help the new generation to discover such a new systems by the means of our researches in making a more organize and more enhance scheduling system, that before we used to follow such old system , but now we can be more imaginative and creative in our new systematic way.  

   We cannot deny the fact that some of the scheduling system of such companies, schools, organization, etc. are still performing the good old school scheduling tactics that they used to follow since then.    Enhancing and developing new styles and attributes especially in giving and organizing a scheduling system for the betterment of the workers, students and even ordinary people is a good stepping stone for the most well-developed and more organized scheduling system for the near future. Some of the computer literate now a days introduced the upcoming and much awaited computerized scheduling system. Despite some of the companies and schools are using these kind of system they still lack in the right use of it and the importance of having and performing these kind of scheduling system that where looking forward to accept in our society today.  

   Do you remember the famous tag line that your friends, clients or someone you meeting up to given unto you ? Did they call you this tag line because you are always late for a meeting? Yes, the famous tag line is none other than “being Filipino time “.    I do believe that the majority of Filipino people were practicing this negative tag line in everyday life. We cannot deny the fact that the reason of being late on a particular meeting is because of a very long preparation that we ought to do to be more presentable to our meeting partners and to be more impressive in case of business transactions. However, our being...
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