Computer Games Addiction

Topics: Massively multiplayer online game, Online game, Video game Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Academic Performance and Behavior in Relation to Playing Online Games(MMORPG) of the IT Students of Saint Anthony College in Academic Year 2011-2012

Review of Related Literature and Studies


The researchers were able to gather literatures that are related to the study which gives background to present study. These literature review concerning the effects of playing online game (MMORPG) to the academic performance and behavior of I.T students .

Online gaming is an activity that is fought in the world as children and youth spend hours doing such routine. In fact, same victims suffer from addiction; the habit of online gaming was quadrupled when it became integrated with the Internet: resulting the concept of online gaming. In online gaming, user use the Internet to connect with other players in the world and then play the same game, which makes it more exciting, more time consuming and more addicting. Thus, every student whom addictively drawn by such online games will be likely looses their attention on their studies which greatly affects their academic performance and behaviour in class.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) have received considerable attention in news headlines describing gamers who have died while engaging in excessive play. However, more common physical and psychosocial effects attributed to online video gaming are social isolation, increased aggression, and negative academic and occupational consequences. In consideration of the bias in reporting negative consequences of video gaming, a systematic review was conducted to evaluate the evidence of the effects of MMOGs on those who play them. In the sixteen studies that met the inclusion criteria, analysis revealed that only those players who were classified as ―addicted or engaged in ―problematic game play experienced significant negative consequences, with many gamers finding positive aspects to video gaming such as enjoyment, feelings of...
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