Composition - "Cycling Is a Cheap and Enjoyable Alternative to the Car"

Topics: Automobile, Vehicle, Bicycle Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: November 14, 2010
In our crowded cities it has become difficult to move easily and rapidly from place to place, especially when driving a car or taking the bus. Cycling can be a good alternative to the other means of transport, but it has also some disadvantages that we must be taken into account.

First of all, the major advantage of cycling is its cost. A bike doesn't need petrol or, unlike the bus, the purchasing of a ticket. Neither does it need a lot of maintenance, unlike motorized vehicles which must be checking by a mechanic every once in a while. As a result, cycling is cheap : except for the cost of buying the bike, we don't have to spend lot of money. Secondly, cycling is environmentally-friendly as it doesn't pollute, and allows us to do sport every day of the year; therefore, it's good for our health and that of our planet. In addition, cycling saves a lot of time during the rush hour as we can move easily between the other vehicles in the traffic jams.

Nevertheless, cycling has also some down sides. Although it is really enjoyable during spring and summer, it can be difficult to keep on going by bike everywhere during autumn and winter, when the days become cold and windy. Moreover, bad weather makes the roads less safe for cyclists, and as they are less protected than in a car, being out in the open, they are overall more in danger. They have to be very careful, and keep to the cycling lanes. Unfortunately, they aren't found everywhere. When in the city, they have also to bear being surrounded by exhaust pipes and their pollution, which is not so good for the health. Cycling is inconvenient for long distances, for example if we live right in the middle of the country and have to go in the city to work, and finally, It is also unsuitable for very overweight people or when we have a lot to carry or transport.

In conclusion, cycling is a cheap and enjoyable alternative to the other means of transport, for short distances and during the good days of the year....
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