Components of Aerospace Engineering

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Components Of Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace engineering deals with design and manufacture of aircraft or spacecraft structures, craft guidance systems, control and navigations systems, developing tools for communication and finally the production of the aircraft or spacecraft. Each of these areas of aerospace engineering is crucial for efficient functioning of the aircraft or spacecraft. Hence, aerospace engineering has been divided appropriately and knowledge is imparted to aspiring engineers in each of these areas along with the necessary practical training to equip them to deal with the challenges in this field. While aerospace engineering is generally linked to aircrafts, it is not just the aircrafts that this branch of study deals with. Apart from aircrafts, it also deals with spacecrafts and airborne weapons technologies, and the technical aspects of each of these. The aerospace industry has applications in a wide range of areas ranging from commercial to military. Over the years, the aerospace industry has gained major importance. It has encompassed one barrier after another and is still on an expanding path. Aerospace engineering is not a distinct branch of science. In fact, it has all its important basic concepts imported from other branches of engineering. At present, aerospace engineers develop technologies for use in civilian transportation, defense systems and space exploration.

History Of Aerospace Engineering
This branch of engineering was unheard of until the Wright Brothers made their historic flight in 1903. After this event, major developments took place in the field of aeronautical engineering, which basically deals with everything related to aircrafts. During the First World War, many new aircrafts and missiles were developed for military purposes and this gave further boost to its growth. The study of space was also included in aerospace engineering only in 1958. This expanded the scope of aerospace engineering...
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