Complex and Dynamic Business World

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“The business world has become more complex and more dynamic. Planning tools are designed for stable environments. Therefore, planning should be abandoned. Please, comment on this statement.”

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I. Introduction In today’s increasingly dynamic and complex business world, it is important to decide whether to use and trust in planning tools or if one should abandon them because they are made for more stable environments. This essay will give an overview of the planning tools and techniques that exist for assessing the environment. It will discuss the use of planning tools in a complex and dynamic business world. The statement that planning should be abandoned in a complex and dynamic business world will be discussed in the following. II. Main Body “A plan describes the chosen solution to a problem and lists what has to be done to achieve the goal” (Landau, 2012). We can categorize planning into three parts. During the first part goals have to be defined. In the second part the corresponding strategies have to be established. The third part focuses on finalising the plans. “Managers use planning tools and techniques to help their organizations be more efficient and effective.” (Robbins & Coulter, 2009) In a volatile and dynamic environment managers should not rely on planning. They should use planning as an indicator of what could potentially happen in the future and consequently try to restructure their organization in order to cope with market uncertainty. To do so, the managerial establishment has developed several techniques. One technique to assess the business environment is environmental scanning, which fundamentally consists of competitor intelligence and global scanning. Environmental scanning helps to foresee and decode changes in the environment via screening a lot of information. By applying this technique organizations are more likely to predict issues and concerns that could affect their current or planned activities...
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