Competition vs Competence

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Competition vs competence
Competition and competence, to extremely similar words, yet two entirely different connotations. In my perspective competence is substantial to be successful. If you don't have competence in life, you have and are nothing. Since the very beginning people have been based on strength, speed and agility. However, that didn't initially entitle that they were the most effective. Generation after generation of repetition and misconception proves that no one person is better than everyone else. Even so, impractical and ineffective means have been about attempting to obtain this unfathomable goal. Competition is also one of the reasons behind disarray. Competition, even friendly competition, has been known to ruin friendships and even lives. Competition has totally altered our way of life and has transformed from something playful to something that adversely engulfs lives.

Furthermore, without competence in life, you have and are nothing. Intending that in attempt to be the best, you fail in the end. Someone will always be better in some category, and you may even be better than them in another. Competition also tends to brings out the worst in people, their desire to win overtakes their actions and thoughts, making is so they can care less to what happens to others as long as they are victorious. In dealing with competition the worst part about it is that there is usually a sore loser or sore winner. All this being said, competition takes the enjoyment out of something intended to be fun. Without fun in this world, this world holds no meaning, no desire to go on or to move forward. In other words without reason we are nothing, and will amount to nothing.

Even since the dawn of time people have been judged on power, speed and capability. In the end however, that didn't initially entitle that their way was most effective. Time after time, people have repeatably and incompetently attempted to master this unobtainable goal. Proving...
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