Competency Standards of Housekeepers in Metro Manila

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The Problem and its Background


Hospitality is the cordial and generous reception and entertainment of guests or strangers, either socially or commercially. From this definition we get the feeling of the open house and the host with open arms, of a place where people are cared for. Regardless of the reasons people go to a home away from home, the presumption is that they need to be cared for there. They need a clean and comfortable place to rest or sleep, food service, an area for socializing and meeting other people, access to stores and shops, and a secure surrounding. Americans have often been described as a people on the move, a mobile society. Even as our country expanded, we required bed and board. Travelers in the early 1700s found hospitality similar to that in their countries of origin, even though these new accommodations might have been in roadhouses, missions, or private homes and the housekeeping might have included no more than a bed of straw, changed weekly. Facilities in all parts of young America were commensurate with the demand of the traveling public, and early records indicate that a choice was usually available; travelers based the decision on where they expected to find good food, overnight protection, and clean facilities. Even though the inns were crude, they were gathering places where anyone could learn the news of the day, socialize, learn the business of the area, and rest. The business of inn keeping has become the hotel industry of today, but the main tenets remain: a clean, comfortable room, access to food and entertainment and facilities. Housekeeping departments play a vital role in today’s lodging industry. People involved in housekeeping operations service guest rooms, maintain and service public and special areas, and, in many instances, operate laundries and recreational and health facilities. The people of housekeeping are also a part of the overall team of hosts and hostesses who welcome the hotel’s guests. They show concern and care when something goes wrong with the guest’s visit, and they are quick to initiate action that will make things right again. Major hotel companies have been quick to recognize the value of housekeeping and other service industry workers. Good hotel management does not see housekeeping work as demeaning or menial. To the contrary, all high-quality hotel operational management personnel have, at one time or another, performed housekeeping functions; as a result, they understand the worth and value of the people who perform such functions regularly.



Housekeeping department is the most important part in hotel industry as it serves as the heart of the hotel. We all know that the hotel room is the basic market of the hotel; that is to provide a cleaned and organized hotel room for every guest. The industry needs qualified employees as housekeeper in order to provide satisfaction to each guest who will occupy the rooms in hotel. The study will provide concrete information to understand the importance of competencies standard in housekeeping of selected hotels in Metro Manila based on TESDA NCII Housekeeping Competency Standards.

Why Competency Standard?

It is important for us to identify the importance of Competency Standards in the hospitality industry particular in the housekeeping department in selected hotels in Metro Manila. It is important for a housekeeper and managers to know their capabilities when it comes to their abilities, skills, flexibility and most important knowledge. Competency Standards is important in the hotel industry because the employees deal with guest who need satisfaction and in order to satisfy the guest, employees need to be consistent in their services. Countries like Australia, United State, Russia and in the Philippines are using competency standard in housekeeping department. This study will focus on hotel housekeepers...
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