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Standard Operating Procedure

Update: 01.07.08 / CO-HK-SOP-Index

Hotels & Resorts Housekeeping SOP Index
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Daily Services
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. CO-HK-SOP-001 CO-HK-SOP-002 CO-HK-SOP-003 CO-HK-SOP-004 CO-HK-SOP-005 CO-HK-SOP-006 CO-HK-SOP-006.2 CO-HK-SOP-007 CO-HK-SOP-008 CO-HK-SOP-009 CO-HK-SOP-010 CO-HK-SOP-011 CO-HK-SOP-012 CO-HK-SOP-013 CO-HK-SOP-014 CO-HK-SOP-015 CO-HK-SOP-016 CO-HK-SOP-017 CO-HK-SOP-018 CO-HK-SOP-019 CO-HK-SOP-020 CO-HK-SOP-021 CO-HK-SOP-022 CO-HK-SOP-023 Sequence of the Daily Room Cleaning Service Room Attendant/Room Maid Tasks and Responsibilities Key Control Procedure Work Assignment Sheets General Safety Tips How to enter a Guest Room Guest Room Service Standards/Requirements Cleaning and Dust Techniques Make up of a Guest Room DHR Guest Room Amenity Setup - Group Standard Restocking of Mini-Bar “Lost and Found” Closet/Pantry Supply Turndown Service Room Status Definitions Master Key Handout Procedures The Professional Maid - a HK Glossary The Professional Maid - Cleaning Techniques Supervisor - Bathroom Inspection Supervisor - Room Inspection Linen Control Procedure Public Area Cleaning Procedures Guest Complaint and Request Handling Telephone Handling

Housekeeping Department Reports
25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. CO-HK-RP-001 DCO-HK-RP-002 CO-HK-RP-003 CO-HK-RP-004 CO-HK-RP-005 DCO-HK-RP-006 CO-HK-RP-007 CO-HK-RP-008 CO-HK-RP-009 CO-HK-RP-010 CO-HK-RP-011 Rooming List for Room Maids Room Status Check List (Floor Supervisor) Daily Mini-Bar Inventory Report - Store Requests Mini-Bar Price List - Sample ‘Lost & Found’ Tag Cleaning Schedule Public Areas (Public Cleaner) Daily Mini-Bar Sales Report (all Rooms) Room Maid Checklist Report - Room Status/Linen Guest Laundry Checklist (Floor Supervisor/Clerk) Room Status Report Sending & Returning of Laundry (Room Boy)

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Standard Operating Procedure

Update: 01.07.08 / CO-HK-SOP-001

Sequence of the Daily Room Cleaning Service
This SOP is to ensure that the daily service has been done properly in accordance with the room attendant task list.

Example: • Check guest name (from worksheet assignment list) • Knock on the door • Get guest amenities for assigned rooms • Keep your cart and working areas organized • Prepare the guestroom for cleaning • Place caddy in bathroom • Begin to clean the bathroom • Clean the bathtub and shower area (remove shower head if possible and deep clean carefully) • Clean the toilet • Clean the sink and vanity • Clean bathroom floor • Finish cleaning the bathroom • Clean the guest room closet • Make the bed • Dust the guest room • Replenish amenities and supplies, towels and bathrobes • Strip-down bed, collect dirty linen and note down supplies needed to be replenished • Clean windows, line tracks and gaps • Cleaning of balcony equipment and floor (if applicable) • Check room for maintenance request; all TV channels, air-condition, all lights, hot and cold water and pressure, etc. • Collect rubbish • Check mini bar • Remove dirty linen replace with clean linen, supplies and mini bar items from the pantry • Clean closet and all furniture • Replenish mini bar • Quality check (arrangements, amenities) - use the standard check list only • Cleaning of floor • Close/Set curtain to standard • Update status on telephone • Exit room and secure door • Update the room as cleaned on the worksheet assignment list

During service of a guest room 1. Fruit basket trays, room service items are to be removed to the HK pantry 2. Every maintenance order is written down for every room, and send to Engineering 3. Valuable items found in the room are recorded and informed to the Head of Department

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