Competency Mapping

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A Competency is an underlying characteristic of a person which enables him /her to deliver superior performance in a given job, role or a situation. Competencies are seen mainly as inputs. They consist of knowledge, attitudes and skills that could affect an individual’s ability to perform.

Competency Mapping Procedures and Steps
* First Step:
A job analysis is carried out by asking employees to fill in a questionnaire that asks them to describe what they are doing, and what skills, attitudes and abilities they need to have to perform it well. There would be a bit that requests them to list down attributes needed to make it up to the next level. Second Step:

Having discovered the similarities in the questionnaires, a competency-based job description is crafted and presented to the personnel department for their agreement and additions if any.

Third Step:
Having agreed on the job requirements and the skills and attitudes needed to progress within it and become more productive, one starts mapping the capability of the employees to the benchmarks. An almost (but not quite) arbitrary level of attainment is noted against each benchmark indicating the areas where the assesses is in terms of personal development and achievement.


To identify and describe the factors which are critical to the functioning of a particular job \ work so that a match can be established between the skills required to perform a job and actual talent of job holder.

o To hire right kind of people for right job by establishing standards.

o To identify the training and development needs of individual or organization.

o To do job evaluation & formulation of appropriate incentive plans.

Advantages of Competency Mapping

For the company
The advantages of competency mapping for the companies or organizations are as follows: • Establishes expectations for performance excellence
• Improved job satisfaction...
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