Competency Differential Between Adn and Bsn

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Competency Differential Between ADN and BSN
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Competency Differential Between ADN and BSN
The role of a nurse has been recognized for centuries. The educational requirements of a nurse have been debated for about as long. Throughout the centuries, the role of the nurse has changed and at the same time, so have the education requirements for entry into the profession. Nurses have been educated in different scholastic settings throughout the ages and although nurses function in similar roles within the workplace, there are differences in competency based on educational background. This paper will focus on the competency differences in students trained at the associate level versus those trained at the baccalaureate level. Prior to 1909, prospective nurses were taught in hospital-based schools. These nurses earned their Diploma in Nursing after spending 2-3 years of intense training, living and working in a hospital. In 1909, the first permanent undergraduate university nursing program was established at the University of Minnesota. The time and money that was required for university programs made it difficult for many and enrollment was extremely low compared to the hospital-based diploma programs (Creasia & Friberg, 2011). In 1924, working with an endowment established by the Rockefeller Foundation, Annie Goodrich started a baccalaureate program, Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN), at Yale University. In addition to the core training that nurses received in diploma programs, Goodrich’s program was based on acute illness, psychosocial dimensions of illness and public health principles (Creasia & Friberg). Brought on by a desperate nursing shortage after World War II, nurse educator, Mildred Montag proposed a new program for training nurses. Montag proposed a two-year associate degree program, through community or junior colleges that would...
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