Competency Differences in Adn Nurses and Bsn Nurses

Topics: Nursing, Health care, Health Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Competency Differences in ADN Nurses and BSN Nurses
Dorothy Love RNC
Grand Canyon University: NUS/430V
January 7, 2011

This paper will explore the differences in competencies for nurses prepared at the associates and baccalaureate degree levels. Both allow the graduate to enter into the field of nursing as a Registered Nurse. There are distinct differences in the educational preparation and resulting competencies. Identifying differences of the ADN and BSN prepared nurse requires looking at similarities of the degrees. Educational preparation for both degrees includes a core curriculum focusing on preparing the nurse for practice in the clinical setting. Skills are acquired to assume the RN role with the ability to practice safely in the inpatient and clinical settings. ADN Nurses

ADN programs were first introduced in 1958 to relieve the shortage of nurses post world war. The ADN degree is a 2 year program focused on providing direct patient care for a clientele with a well-defined common diagnosis. The practice setting has a well-established structured environment. Facilities have protocols which the nurse takes direction from and refers to for guidance. ADN curriculum is technical in nature focusing on task oriented clinical skills, while considering patient health conditions and needs. The ADN nurse recognizes the necessity of practicing within the scope of practice, and legal parameters. Nursing research sets parameters for scopes of practice. ADN nurses understand the needs for standardized data collection and assist in obtaining data in a comprehensive manner. Competencies set forth for ADN’s intend to center on caregiver, councilor, and educator activities. Lucy J. Hood (2009) The ADN maintains accountability for her own actions and actions of other health care peers for which she delegates tasks. BSN NURSE

The BSN educational...
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