Comparison of the Power of Aducating Adolescent Girls by Cynthia B. Lloyd with Juliet Young and Social Development, the Empowerment of Women and the Expansion of Civil Society..Alternative Ways Out of the Death and Poverty Trap by Anita M. Weiss

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  • Published : March 26, 2011
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Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
Submitted to : Dr. Rukhsana
Submitted by : Bushra Nazir
Semester : M.Sc. IR 2nd
Department of International Relations


In modern days a country is said to be developed if it is socially as well as economically revived. If any country is economically developed but socially lackxing behind it can’t cope up with the present standards. Same is the case with social development it alone cannot drive a country on the road of success and progress. It is assumed that economic development can’t lead the social uplistment if aq nbation is socially progressing, it can automatically flourish economically. It means that social and economic development has a direct link with one another and none of them can grow alone. If one of them is not going at par with the other, the other one will also not progress and if one will flourish it will make the other one to develop with it and vice versa. Here we will discuss two interesting articles. One of them is concerned with social development and the other is dealing with economic uplifting.

Article 1
The Power of Aducating Adolescent Girls
By Cynthi B. Lloyt with Juliet Young

Article no. 1 talks about education as the most powerful and beneficial thing now a days and it should be provided to girls and boys on equality basis. In some regions of the world, girls are still facing problems in this modern age of progression. For the past fifteen years, girls education in developing world has been a story of progress. Female education is now major part of global development. The standard of formal and non-formal education system should be raised by promoting opportunities for the girls to attend secondary schools and to introduce a system comparible with household and other education. According to a survey lack of facilities, lack of education, menstration, pregnancy,...
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