Compare How Women Are Presented in 4 of the Poems You Have Studied. to Do This Compare “Mother...” by Simon Armitage and 3 Other Poems, One by Duffy and Two from the Pre 1914 Bank.

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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Compare how women are presented in 4 of the poems you have studied. To do this compare “Mother...” by Simon Armitage and 3 other poems, one by Duffy and two from the pre 1914 bank. All 4 poems ( Mother, Anne Hathaway, Sonnet 130 and song of the old mother) are all linked to each other all by using different techniques of language to present women and to create some story in there poem. Mother (written by Simon Armitage), the woman (the mother) in the poem is presented in a form of imagery. Armitage writes as though he is the son and uses this pattern of imagery to talk about the mother and the feelings they both have at that point in life and also about what they want with their relationship with each other. The poem Mother is about the son who is trying to move on with his life, taking the next step away from home by doing up another house. He is getting older and therefore does not need his mother in his life. However, the mother finds it hard to take in this news and struggles to let go of her son. All authors use some technique of language to draw us into the poem and emphasise the feelings of the women in each of the 4 poems. Armitage shows the feelings of the mother and son by describing what they are doing to the house (using imagery). ‘You at the zero end, me with the spool of tape, recording length, reporting metres, centimetres back to base, then leaving up the stairs, the line still feeding out, unreeling years between us. Anchor. Kite.’ Here Armitage describes the mother and son’s relationship. He says that the mother is at the zero end and is therefore not moving and staying where she is, as for the son has the spool of tape is his hand and is moving away from the mother to measure the length. Armitage cleverly uses imagery here and suggesting that by the son moving further and further away with the spool of tape from the zero end, it shows that he is growing up and moving further and further away from his mother while she stays put (at the zero...
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