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Topics: Europe, Spain, World War II Pages: 6 (1983 words) Published: January 18, 2011
A P European History Test Prep
DBQ & Free Response Questions

For DBQ’s Always:
1.Provide an appropriate, explicitly stated thesis that directly addresses all parts of the question and does NOT simply restate the question. 2.Discuss a majority of the documents individually and specifically. 3.Demonstrate understanding of the basic meaning of a majority of the documents. 4.Support the thesis with appropriate interpretations of a majority of the documents. 5.Analyze point of view or bias in at least three documents. 6.Analyze the documents by explicitly grouping them in at least three appropriate ways. 2000 DBQ: Using specific examples from the documents below, analyze the purposes that rituals and festivals served in traditional European life.

Free Response
A.Compare and contrast the political and economic policies of Joseph Stalin in the period before the Second world War and those of Mikhail Gorbachev (1985-1991). B.“Leadership determines the fate of a country.” Evaluate this quotation in terms of Spain’s experience under Philip II. C.Discuss three developments that enabled Great Britain to achieve a dominant economic position between 1700 and 1830. D.Evaluate how the ideas of Charles Darwin and Sigmund Freud challenged Enlightenment assumptions about human behavior and the role of reason. E.How accurately do the lines of poetry below reflect gender roles for European men and women in the late nineteenth century? Man for the field and woman for the hearth:

Man for the sword and for the needle she:
Man with the head and women from the heart:
Man to command woman to obey
F.Explain the development of the scientific method in the seventeenth century and the impact of scientific thinking on traditional sources of authority. 2001DBQ: Analyze the ways in which various people viewed the character and condition of Greeks in the Ottoman Empire during the Greek movement for independence in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Free Response
A.Analyze how and why western European attitudes toward children and child-rearing changed in the period from 1750-1900. B.Describe and analyze how overseas expansion by European states affected global trade and international relations from 1600 to 1715. C.Discuss the political and social consequences of the Protestant Reformation in the first half of the sixteenth century. D.How did new theories in physics and psychology in the period from 1900 to 1939 challenge existing ideas about the individual and society? E.Compare and contrast the French Jacobins’ use of state power to achieve revolutionary goals during the Terror (1793-1794) with Stalin’s use of state power to achieve revolutionary goals in the Soviet Union during the period 1928-1939. 2002DBQ: Identify the issues raised by the growth of Manchester and analyze the various reactions to those issues over the course of the nineteenth century.

Free Response
A.Compare and contrast the religious policies of TWO of the following: a.Elizabeth I of England
b.Catherine de Medicis of France
c.Isabella of Spain
B.Analyze at least TWO factors that account for the rise and TWO factors that explain the decline of witchcraft persecution and trials in Europe in the period from 1580 to 1750. C.Analyze the impact of the First World War on European culture and society in the interwar period (1919-1939). D.In what ways and to what extent did absolutism affect the power and status of the European nobility in the period 165- to 1750? Use examples from at least TWO countries. E.Many historians have suggested that since 1945, nationalism has been on the decline in Europe. Using both political and economic examples from the period 1945 to 2000, evaluate the validity of this interpretation. F.Compare and contrast the foreign policy goals and achievements of Metternich (1815-1848) and Bismarck (1862-1890). 2003DBQ: Describe and analyze changing views toward the concept of a “civil peace” (Burgfrieden) in...
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