Compare How the Writers Present Parents in “Before You Were Mine” by Carol Ann Duffy and “Mother Any Distance” by Simon Armitage. Then Compare How Writers Present Females in Two Poems from the Pre-1914 Poetry Bank.

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme scheme, Stanza Pages: 4 (1478 words) Published: February 1, 2012
Both “Before You Were Mine” by Carol Ann Duffy and “Mother Any Distance” by Simon Armitage focus on the role of being a mother and having to give up something. In “Before You Were Mine” its Carol Ann Duffy’s mother letting go and giving up her carefree lifestyle, to take up the important role of a mother. Whereas in “Mother Any Distance” its Simon Armitage’s mother realising she has to let her son grow up and leave her grasps. The poem “Before You Were Mine” by Carol Ann Duffy, focuses on the fact that 10 years before she was born her mum was a carefree, fun loving character. Who would hang about with her friends and how Duffy almost feels guilty for coming along and making her mother make the decision to let go of the life with her friends for a more grown up existence. Where as in “Mother Any Distance” by Simon Armitage, Armitage is saying about how his mother has to loosen the apron strings and let her son fly the nest to have the lifestyle a person of his age needs. However the poem itself focuses on how he needs to be let go but still will always need his mum, no matter how old he is. It shows how leaving his mum is a daunting thing and how she has been an integral part of his whole life. In “Before You Were Mine” by Carol Ann Duffy, Duffy portrays her mother to be a happy go lucky, carefree person who is very glamorous and exciting. But had to give it all up for Duffy and her “possessive yell” which shows she thought that her mother belonged to her. However in “Mother Any Distance” by Simon Armitage, Armitage sort of thanks his mum for looking after him and saying she has to let go but only a bit. “Unreeling the years between us” this shows the emotional relationship that is between the two In “Mother Any Distance” by Simon Armitage, Armitage uses imagery to portray the bond between him and his mother. “Kite” that suggests he is flying high and has got his own place in society but is still connected to his mother that their bond has not been broken just...
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